Why I bake bread…. the story, for those who want to know…

I usually make bread for my son, Ray. Ray has low grade grain allergies (these can cause stomach ache and hives) And, Ray is finicky: he just doesn’t eat much (other than fruit) — so, I want what he does eats to be packed in nutrition and full of good stuff (hence the flax, germ, bran, sprouted wheat soaked oats or cracked grains, ground nuts, seeds etc.) This is bread as a meal,  kid friendly bread – it needs to be softer and friendlier.

All my breads are oatmeal-base breads. Some also have other soaked or sprouted grain, which makes them very moist and great to toast. Plus, it is easier to digest soaked grains.

I have found I like oatmeal bread bases. Why? because, the oatmeal makes the bread super moist and they can last for 5 to 7 days at room temperature if it isn’t too hot. These loaves are a mix of different flours so they are not leaden. I use organic whole grain white wheat, organic whole grain spelt flour, high protein organic flour with germ, organic kamut flour, organic oatmeal, organic ground flax and organic toasted golden flax. They have a little honey and canola oil and the oatmeal for moistness. The breads are not 100% whole grain but a mix of either 40% “white” wheat or white spelt. This is because 100% whole grain is to dense – I cannot get the rise. FYI, Commercial bread only needs to be 51% whole grain to call it “whole grain”.
I do everything by HAND. No machines, hand kneaded, mixed, shaped etc. To me bread is better by hand! The loaves are baked in 1 1/2 pound loaf pans – but when I weigh the loaves they are closer to 2 pounds, from the whole grain flours!

Bread Talk – FAQ

Most Loaves have NO sugar, NO Dairy and No Eggs (the exception is obviously the Milk & Honey Bread and Egg Bread) ALL have FLAX brown or golden in the dough.

They only have 2 Tablespoons of Honey… per large loaf. 1 per small loaf. (except sourdough has none)


Yes, the breads have gluten. Gluten actually makes better bread because it helps it raise. All my bread has gluten. However – each kind wheat’s gluten can be slightly different. The ancient wheast (kamut and spelt) have gluten, as does modern day wheat, but they are different , so that for some people they are easier on the digestion. Spelt has a delicate gluten and softer shell to the kernel, which may make it easier for some to tolerate. Kamut is higher in protein. Sprouted wheat is changed by it’s metamorphosis – and is an easier to digest wheat.

Here are some of the breads I make on a regular basis

loaf $10.   half loaf $5.

Whole grain Organic Kamut with Toasted Golden Flax Seeds

Golden in color from the Kamut with the toasty taste from the toasted flax, combined with wheat and oats. Kamut is more nutritious than regular wheat due to a higher protein and potassium content, buttery, nutty taste.

Whole Grain Organic Spelt and Ground Flax

A moist ALL SPELT/ONLY SPELT wheat bread, with the benefits of flax meal and oats. Easier to digest than traditional wheat. A tender crumb, wheaty flavored flour, low in gluten and suitable for some people who are intolerant to wheat.

Spiced Chai Wheat Bread with Walnuts and Chai Swirl

Organic oats, organic wheat,oats, walnuts and spices. Not too sweet, a swirl of brown sugar and chai spices with walnuts throughout.

Organic Wheat with Grains and Nuts Bread with Ground Flax

Organic whole grain wheat, sprouted wheat, rye, triticale, oats, ground sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts, and chopped walnuts. A moist whole grain bread, with a richness from the nuts and a great wheat taste.

Organic Milk & Golden Honey White Bread and Ground Flax

A kid bread. Organic milk and oatmeal make a moist tender bread, with the benefits of 1/4 whole grain KAMUT flour, flax meal and oats. Made with all organic ingredients, raw honey, and organic milk.

Sourdough boules, multigrain/kamut with golden flax and herbs


• Double chocolate spelt

• Organic blueberry

• Organic kumquat

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