October 22nd, 2009 by admin

We are proud to announce that we are in the final stages of purchasing The Sensitive Baker, the only gluten-free bakery in Los Angeles. Our partners in this venture are the owners of Earth Island, proprietors of Follow Your Heart and creators of Vegenaise and myriad other vegetarian products.

When the purchase is complete, we will be offering Gluten-Free products for sale at the AHO pickup site. We’ll let you know…should be very soon!

June 8th, 2009 by admin

TopangaCanyonFood is not affiliated with Canyon Specialty Foods in Dallas,Texas.  If you are looking for that company, please go to http://canyonfoods.com/

Welcome to TopangaCanyonFood, the home of TopangaCanyonBread and TopangaCanyonJam, fantastic foods handmade in Topanga Canyon from locally grown ingredients.

This is also where you can find out more about Abundant Harvest Organics. We are the local hosts for this great service that brings farm-fresh organic produce, dry foods, meat and dairy to Topanga every week, at a great price. AHO has changed the way we eat, and is the cornerstone of our diet. We have over 300 happy local customers, and invite you to join our community.

Dan & Edie Irwin